HTML: The Programming Language for the Web
Through the Rice University Technology Education Center (RTEC).
Late Summer 2003

Learning the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the first step toward writing and publishing documents on the Web. Web developers who use WYSIWYG editors often rely on HTML to make improvements, optimize their pages, and address the shortcomings of such editing software. In this course, participants will learn to write HTML code from scratch and will be introduced to HomeSite, the text editor of choice for Web page creation. This hands-on course will combine lecture and computer lab work. Individuals will have the opportunity to create basic Web pages and publish them on the Web.

Who Should Attend
Individuals new to Web development and design as well as those who have worked with Web page editors and wish to learn more about the HTML code generated by software tools. A basic understanding of Windows operations, file management, and the Internet is required.


  • Learn the fundamentals of HTML necessary to format text and insert images into a basic Web page
  • Learn the basics of HomeSite, a robust text editor optimized for Web page creation
  • Use tables to layout Web pages with a professional look and feel
  • Publish pages on the Web


  • HTML Syntax and Structure
  • Text Formatting and Presentation
  • Working with Images
  • Links and Lists
  • Creating Tables
  • Working with Frames
  • HTML Forms and Controls
  • Style Sheets

Anne Jungman is the instructor for this course.

All students attending this course will also get online support through our Forum. Class handouts, updates and Q&A are posted in the Forum regularly. Students can also use the Forum to collaborate with each other in solving assignments discussed in class.

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