Project Management
Being able to call on a deliberate and organized system for running a project is of paramount importance if the project is to be completed on time and on budget. WebArchitects' staff has managed and participated in projects of all sizes and scope. We're familiar with the Rational Unified Process, and the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model (CMM). This allows us to improve our project management practices in a systematic fashion, giving you the direct benefit of all we've learned in the course of previous projects.

We are as hands-on or as hands-off as you need us to be. Our involvement in managing projects starts with initial meetings with clients to determine project requirements and scope and continues with:

  • writing proposals
  • developing project plans
  • assembling project teams
  • allocating resources
  • tracking, scheduling, and reporting
  • delivery and transitioning

Needs and Dependency Analyses
Drawing on our experience in the Fortune 500 environment, WebArchitects can identify the solution to your unique requirements. Whether it's to build or buy, WebArchitects will guide you through the maze of out-of-the-box and custom-built solutions.

We're not going to push cookie-cutter sites. Your needs are just that: your needs. That's the reason the architecture is so important to implementing complex websites and web-enabled applications.

Site Architecture Design
Using our unique, proprietary graphical architecture, WebArchitects makes even the most complex online applications understandable. Our architecture documents provide a detailed overview of you project, based on the requirements you define.

Each piece of the architecture tells you exactly what to expect, how that piece fits into the overall site, and how it will interact with other components of the site. It is a roadmap that also provides a clear set of milestones. These milestones become part of the project plan and provide you with a timeline that shows you how your project is progressing.

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