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New Product: WordPress Hosting with WordPress Toolkit Deluxe!

  • 12th March 2024

WP Toolkit is a feature-rich WordPress management interface that allows anyone to handle complex tasks with ease. Manage multiple sites, plugins and themes, enable maintenance mode and enhanced security, and much more!


Add WordPress Toolkit Deluxe to an existing WordPress installation as an addon, or upgrade for savings!

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New Product: 360 Monitoring!

  • 24th April 2023

360 Monitoring provides Uptime, Performance, Keyword, Port and SSL Monitoring, with configurable dashboards, personalized alerts, public status pages and full site check capabilities for identifying common problems which can impact websites. Learn more on the 360 Monitoring page!

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New Product: NordVPN!

  • 24th April 2023

NordVPN is a market leading provider of VPN and Cybersecurity solutions. With NordVPN, you're working with a trusted brand in online security to protect your web browsing and stream and browse without limitations. Visit the brand-new NordVPN product page and see for yourself how NordVPN can protect you online!

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cPanel SEO is XOVI NOW!

  • 5th April 2023

cPanel SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is XOVI NOW! Visit the brand-new product page and see for yourself all XOVI NOW can do for your visibility on the web!


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